“I believe that technical education is the GI Bill of our time. It is the path to equality.”

Kakui Srivastava, VP of Product Management and Marketing, GitHub

Why Connected Academy

As a cohort of professionals from the tech industry, we know the power of digital technology to create jobs both within a company and as a freelancer and we believe those jobs can happen in Nevada County. Connected Communities Academy is an initiative driven by local residents who love our community and our lifestyle. However, we realize that there HAS to be a growth and diversification of economic opportunities for us to continue to thrive in these beautiful Sierra foothills.

Who Is The Academy For?

It's Not Just for Geeks! There is an option here for just about everyone. The Academy is for anyone who also loves living here and would like to find work that will provide them and their families with a long term sustainable living in a high growth, high wage industry. We offer you new training options in the field of technology; information about tech careers and how to get one; and support and advice from industry experts on how navigate the ecosystem.

Founding Partners

Nevada County CalWORKS Program
Nevada Union Adult Education
NCERC Talent Connection Task Force

Supporting Partners

NoRTEC (Northern Rural Training and Employment Council)
Connecting Point - Nevada County Works Program
Nevada County Information & General Services Agency
Placer School for Adults
Sierra College
Sac VR MeetUP