What would you like to see?


Dear Prospective Students,

We are beginning another year now. That means many things.  First off, we are looking to offer more courses for our community–which means you.  Secondly, we are looking to expand our meetup options and get people engaged with their peers.  And three, we actually will have an entirely new facility with more space and way more tech tools this year. Exciting, right? And all of this is part of why we wanted to turn the table and ask you: What would you like to see? What subject or area of study would you like to see taught at Connected Communities? What course did you have previously that lit you up and got you excited?  We want to bring the courses that will help serve your needs and enliven us all. So please, take a bit of time to let us know what you would like to see in CCA 2018 below.

Kind Regards,

Connected Communities Academy

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