Global Game Jam 2018

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$5-$15 donation


A 48-hour “jam” dedicated to meeting new people and developing a game together!

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The Connected Communities Academy at 104 New Mohawk Road, Nevada City, CA


January 26 – 28. The jam officially begins at 5pm. We recommend you arrive an hour early to socialize and set up.

What exactly is this?

Global Game Jam is an annual event that takes place around the world. The goal is to assemble a team and create a game together within the 48-hour time limit. The idea is to push you out of your comfort zone and make something!

Who can participate?

Experience with game development is not essential — Global Game Jam is fun for people of all experience levels.
More details here.

Is it free?

Yes. However we do welcome donations of $5 – $20 so that we can provide you with some nourishment.

Do I have to make a video game?

No! Global Game Jam is not exclusively for video game development. Every year, hundreds of participating teams create board
games and card games.

Do I need a team before arriving?

No. In fact, we suggest you don’t have a pre-assembled team. Preferably, your team consists of people you meet on site. However,
you are welcome to arrive with a pre-assembled team if you prefer.

What is provided?

Basic refreshments will be available. Desktop PCs with development software will be available on site for anyone. Secure

What should I bring?

Some basic refreshments will be available, but you should make preparations for yourself. Bring your own food, or bring cash
for takeout and delivery. If you would like to stay on site overnight, bring a pillow, toiletries, and a sleeping bag. Bring
your own PC or laptop if you would like to use your own gear. Ideas!

Where can I sign up?

Sign up by clicking on this


Just a love of gaming, be it videogames or board games.

01/26 5:00pm - 01/28 12:00am

Game Development

Learn game development through collaboration with your peers across many different levels.

Software Development

Collaboration through software development practices is common, and often the game is built by programming using a programming language.