Intro to Software Development w/focus on Applications for iPhone

Al McBride
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If you have ever had an idea about an I-Phone application and wanted to develop it this is the course for you. This series of 3 sessions will teach you programming from the beginning through development and deploying of your I-Phone application.

 This 3-part series will introduce software development/programming to non-programmers and is designed show students that programming can be challenging, fun and rewarding while providing them with career and enjoyable work opportunities.

Each session is 6 weeks long. The three sessions are as follows:

  1. Software Development Basics :history of software development, the terminology used, the different application types, how applications are developed, what is involved and with hands on experience using the C programming language.
  2. C# Object Oriented Programming: C# will be the programming language used to generate your IPhone application. MicroSoft’s C# is one of todays the most popular programming languages.
  3. App Development : The third session will take you through the process constructing your own iPhone application or one of the ones suggested by the instructor. MicroSoft’s C# with the Xamarin extension will be used. This software environment also allows you to develop applications for the Apple iPhone, Samsung iPhone and Windows Phone.

When you register, use the drop down menu and chose one of the following options:

Software & App Dev 1 Session – $210

Software & App Dev 2 Sessions – $390

Software & App Dev 3 Sessions – $ 550



Interest in learning about Software/Application development and programming as it might be fun and pertain to future job opportunities or to enhance your resume.

Proficiency using a Windows PC and the Internet

Class Time

Each of the three classes will last 6 weeks and involve one 3 hour classroom session per week plus suggested outside homework.

We prefer you use your own laptop for continuity. The classroom will have Windows PCs for the students to use. Students should have access to a Windows 7, 8 or 10 or Apple computer for the outside class work.

Each week classroom session will consist of a brief presentation on the software fundamentals and question and answer period followed by the start or completion of a programming assignment.

Out of Class Time

To get the most benefit from the classes the students will need to spend roughly 8 hours a week in outside work. This will include accessing Internet sites that interactively teach you aspects of software development, doing Google searches for specific software questions you may have and preparing questions for your instructor for help with problems or questions.

Starting September 19th. Every Tuesday 5pm - 8pm

The first 6- week class is scheduled to start September 19th from 5:00PM to 8:00 PM and last for 6 weeks. The subsequent 2 classes (also 6 weeks each) in the series will begin immediately after the previous class. Class size is limited so sign up early if interested.

Realize your next big App Idea!

iPhone applications are increasing daily and readily available via App Stores. The applications are inexpensive and varied.   Your idea can be another best seller.

While having some fun learning to program computers and after completing these three seminars, you will be ready to qualify for an technical position in software development or quality assurance/testing or to enroll in more advanced classes teaching you about a specific kind of application development.