Meetup: Nevada County Free Code Camp

Ryan Trauntvein
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Nevada County Free Code Camp Meetup is a casual gathering for anyone who wants to learn how to code, get help on lessons, or work on open source and other passion projects. Meet other local developers and IT professionals and expand your network. This event is for anyone who already codes or is curious about getting started coding! Each week we will try to feature “Lightning Talks”, short talks by local developers and IT professionals on current coding tips and practices.

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Meetup schedule:

5:30 – Welcome!

6:00 – Lightning Talk – Remington and Ryan will be talking about their favorite programming techniques and tools.

6:15 – Open coding!

7:30 – Wrap up, thanks, contact info sharing etc.

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Software Developer

Freecodecamp involves its students in programming in a very hands-on way.  The end goal is to improve your skills in programming and understanding its concepts.  It prepares students for further learning and building projects that can potentially get them hired.