Why Connected Communities Academy?

The courses taught at the academy are specifically chosen because they are not otherwise available locally. CCA gives Nevada County residents the opportunity to learn valuable skills in a class-room oriented, hands-on style while working with local mentors from their respective industries.

Can anyone take these courses?

Yes! Don’t let the seemingly foreign-sounding terms scare you – our mentors and online content will try to de-mystify the jargon and help you understand the opportunities and demands of every type of work. There are all kinds of “regular” people from all walks of life and all ages that are retraining in the tech field and finding decent paying, stable careers to support themselves and their families. These course are also great for youth who are beginning to explore careers in technology.

How do these courses help prepare me for a career or further education?

The courses at CCA are currently designed to be a fundamental introduction to various widely-used tech skills with the intention of providing the students with a springboard into their desired career field or interest area. These courses can either be taken individually and supplemented with self-learning and internships or taken concurrently to provide a wide skill base and help develop a full stack background.

How do I know what courses are right for me?

We recommend reading the individual course descriptions, which should list the qualities needed to succeed as well as list potential career paths. These descriptions should provide you with enough information to determine which course is right for you, but if you have a specific question please contact us and we will be more than happy to work with our mentors and you to find an answer.

What background knowledge is expected of me?

It is not expected that the students have any knowledge of the course material beforehand. However, basic computer literacy (such as using a mouse/keyboard, accessing email, etc) is expected.

When can I enroll? When do the courses start?

Since this is the first wave of courses and we are still trying to determine the demand for individual courses, we are offering open enrollment for every class we have listed. You may register at anytime, even if there is no start date listed. Once the class meets a minimum student requirement (usually 6 students), a start date will be scheduled and you will be notified via email. If a class has already started, you will automatically be registered for the next start date. If needed, you can contact us to further discuss scheduling at info@connected.academy.

What if I can’t attend every lecture?

Our courses are designed to make the most of every lecture, and it is not recommended that a student miss any. If the need arises, the student would have to catch up to the class on their own time.

How much work is expected outside of class?

Depending on the course, anywhere between 5 and 10 hours of work per week. Remember in the tech world, you never stop learning something new and you can only get better with practice and working on new projects,

What if I need to cancel a class I signed up for?

Read enrollment agreements below

ENROLLMENT AGREEMENTS – By registering for a class with us, you:

  • Confirm that you have access to a suitable workplace if necessary to fulfill course requirements; to a computer with internet connection, streaming capability and any required software or equipment as specified on our website for the course in which you are enrolling.
  • You are ensuring that you have the ability to dedicate 5-10 hours of self- study per week as required by some courses. Please refer to your specific course for details.
  • You understand that our courses are meant to promote self-learning. You are ready to ask your mentor clarifying questions and use initiative while learning.
  • The VR Film Making boot-camp requires transportation to shoot location. Individuals should be responsible and willing to drive or car pool with their class mates or mentors and make arrangements accordingly in advance. The Connected Communities Academy will not be held liable for any incidents up to and including injury and death.

Class Changes

  • The Academy reserves the right to change hours of instruction, change mentors or location, change fees or cancel classes if minimum enrollments are not met.

Cancellation by the student and refunds

  • Only written cancellations will be accepted (info@connected.academy).
  • You may cancel up to 7 days before the starting date of the course. There is a processing fee of $15. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
  • Any lab and material fees are not eligible for refund or credit.
  • No refunds are given in cases where participation is cancelled on, or after, the date on which the course starts.

Cancellation by the Academy

  • The Connected Communities Academy reserves the right to cancel courses before the starting date.
  • In cases where the Academy cancels a course, the whole course fee will be returned.