Herbert W. Spencer III, PhD

Dr. Spencer is CEO of TraitWare Inc., and brings extensive experience to the company. He has been a developer of new technologies since building a computer from pinball machine parts in junior high school and while in high school built a nuclear magnetic resonance device.

He went on to get a Ph.D. in plasma physics from Auburn University and was one of two from his starting class of eleven who completed the requirements for a PhD. He then went to work at Southern Research Institute conducting fundamental electrostatic precipitator research to develop precipitator modeling software.  Some of his work led to fundamental changes in the way electrostatic precipitators are now being operated around the world.

He continued the development and commercialization of new technologies at the environmental control division of Joy Manufacturing. Joy was a Fortune 500 company and while there, Bert was one of the key managers who helped increase sales from $10 million to $100 million annually. Following a leveraged buy-out of Joy, Dr. Spencer started HWS Engineering and Research Company and EC&C Technologies, Inc.

In 2005, EC&C Technologies, Inc. was awarded the J. Dean Sensenbaugh Award for excellence in air pollution control engineering. EC&C developed and licensed the U2A® process that now exceeds $20M per year in worldwide business.

Dr. Spencer has prior experience with optics, cameras, software development, licensing of technologies, acquisition of companies, patents, patent litigation, and trademarks, in addition to the day-to-day requirements of operating a profitable business.