Steve Hurley

Steven Hurley has 30+ years of combined experience in Broadcast & Electronics Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Business Process Engineering. Currently an Adjunct Professor of Business & Technology at Sierra College, Steve is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser.

“Future prosperity in the foothills will depend upon building a collaborative connected base of technology companies that honor the spirit of our pioneer forbearers.

The entrepreneur-driven digital ecosystem of tomorrow will depend on self-directed exploratory learning tools that can train flexible, adaptable knowledge workers equal to the task.

Just as the original settlers of this region worked together in groups to provide safety and support to explore new things, so must today’s digital explorers band together into efficient learning communities that can handle constant change and cooperate as well as compete.

Facilitating, and (in turn) being inspired by individuals imbued with these capabilities, and imparted upon this mission, is personally meaningful to me.

Technologies evolve but individuals that achieve honorable outcomes usually look much the same. They lean forward into the unknown (dream), thoroughly explore the terrain (learn), and then contribute as individuals (do).”