Our Meetups at Connected Communities

We offer meetups for connecting the community at large to their tech peers.  Below are a list of our current meetups:

Nevada County Free Code Camp

Ryan Trautvein

Enterprise Support Engineer at Github


Welcome to Nevada County Free Code Camp. Free Code Camp an open source community that helps you learn to code, then practice by building projects for nonprofits. This facilitated Meetup is for individuals who are using or want to get introduced to Free Code Camp and meet and work with a group of peers who are on the same path as you.

Our meetups are casual gatherings for anyone who wants to learn how to code, get help on http://www.freecodecamp.com/ lessons, or work on open source and other passion projects. Meet other local developers and IT professionals and expand your network. These events are for anyone who already codes or is curious about getting started coding! Each week we will feature “Lightning Talks”, short talks by local developers and IT professionals on current coding tips and practices.

Nevada County VR/XR

Alan Moore

Software Architect at AJA Video Systems


This is a group for anyone interested in VR/AR/XR. We are primarily focused on technology and content development but are open to suggestions.

We welcome you to join us whether you are an artist, UX designer, software engineer, game designer, investor or just someone with an interest in VR. All skill levels are represented and encouraged to attend.

We will be working on our projects, giving feedback and assistance to each other and exploring this new (again) medium. No project or idea is too small to explore in this fun and inclusive group.

Occasionally we will host hackathons, contests, workshops and other one-time events as our membership grows. It is an exciting time to be working in AR/MR/XR!

Code & Coffee

Kyle Conrad

Freelance Web Developer


Welcome to Code & Coffee. We are a weekly meetup group focused on simply spending time coding together. Each week that we meet up we start with a super short SCRUM style meeting(a standing meeting where you go around the room and state your goals for the day). Within the SCRUM, people can volunteer to mentor, mention that they are looking for help, and talk about their project or intentions for the day. After the SCRUM, we get to work and start on our goals!

At Code & Coffee, we are language agnostic. All we ask is that you bring projects in a particular programming language(C, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails, etc.).

What to bring
Your computer, charged. And a project.

Important to know
Unfortunately, at the moment, we can't accommodate children. Carpool if possible!