Nevada County Tech Connection

A sister initiative of CCA, the NC Tech Connection is modeled after the “Next Generation Sector Partnerships”. These are partnerships of businesses from the same industry and in a shared labor market, that work with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations to address the workforce and other competitiveness needs of the targeted industry.

The tech business executives and local talent along with our education and workforce agencies have participated in multiple focus groups and chosen to focus on the following areas:

Marketing – Proudly promote the Nevada County tech eco-system in order to build awareness and connectivity locally as well as showcase the region as a desirable destination in Northern California for tech start ups and employees. This is a central location where we proudly shine a light on our tech businesses, local talent and initiatives.

Education – This task force focuses on organized engagement between education, workforce development agencies and companies that rely on technology to support their business

Recruitment– On an ongoing basis, identify and collaborate with key public and private talent sourcing pipeline initiatives to attract and retain talent in Nevada County. This includes recruitment and engagement of interns, new hires and retention of existing staff

Talent Development – Focused on existing tech talent that are either employees, remote workforce located in Nevada County or sole proprietors looking to scale up their business. Create and provide training sessions, courses, workshops and industry expert presentation through the Connected Communities Academy. Organize, host and facilitate meet ups and events that promote innovation and learning with peers. Collaborate with and support the 13 + existing local initiatives